Lloyd L. Hyde, Honorary Consul Of Jamaica, Chicago, Illinois

Lloyd Hyde has served as Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in Chicago since 1991. His duties as Consul are many and varied. They include attending to the needs of Jamaicans in Illinois and other Midwestern states, and assisting foreign nationals whose interests in Jamaica relate to business, employment, studies or other pursuits. Since becoming Consul he has actively reached out to the business community , and has achieved results in matching entrepreneurs with commercial entities in the island.

Since his appointment, Mr. Hyde has hosted a visit from the Prime Minister, and the visits of other senior governmental officials to the area. This has increased attention to, and interest in Jamaica ‘ s investment opportunities, its rich resources and culture and vibrancy in tourism.

He has been effective in enhancing community unity through ensuring the community’s participation in projects and programs which affect them. This has been achieved through the implementation of town hall meetings and forums, investment seminars, immigration seminars and other social and community-type programs.

Consul Hyde served as President and Publisher of the Jamaican American Caribbean Quarterly (JACQ) for 17 years. From 1987 to 1993, he was the chief sponsor of CARI-JAMA in Chicago (the sale, display and promotion of Jamaican products and services). He conceived the idea to honor Jamaicans and friends of Jamaicans who have distinguished themselves in various fields, and to date 30 such individuals have been honored. These include Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley; the late Madge Sinclair (Actor); Hon. Alvin Curling (Canadian Legislator); the late Jamaican Honorary Consul in Chicago, Dolphy McLaughlin; Chicago’s late Mayor, Hon. Harold Washington; Mr. Clive Taffe, Regional Manager of Jamaica ‘ s Tourist Board; several “Golden Achievers,” (Jamaicans who have served the community for 50 or more years); Hon. John Stroger (Cook County Board President); and Ms. Rachel Manley, an author and poet and the daughter of Jamaica’s late Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Michael Manley, among others.

A Biomedical Engineer by profession, the Consul has held directorships in this field in Chicago and the Midwest. He currently serves on the Alumni Board of Chicago State University and the Advisory Board of Olive Harvey College. He has served as a field advisor for college interns and has developed and implemented internship programs for students of Northwestern University, Southern Illinois University and Chicago State University. He is a frequent guest speaker at Chicago area high schools, churches, and before community groups in the Midwest. A former Adjunct Professor at Prairie State College and past Advisory Board Member and Guest Lecturer at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), Mr. Hyde served on the Government of Cook County’s Bureau of Health Services Y2K Task Force.

The holder of a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and Management, respectively, Mr. Hyde has published several articles on business, science, human resources and social issues, and has been the recipient of a number of professional and community service awards.

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